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Rating-Widget makes it easy to have a Star Rating System for your Blog, Online Shop or Website in minutes.

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Equipped with Powerful Features

  • Only 2 minutes to setup | Swift Implementation

    We made the setup process so simple and fast that even your mom can do it.

  • Zero affect on your load time | Lightweight Footprint

    Our lightweight client side script is only 17kB minified and gzipped. Additionaly, it's loaded asynchronously.

  • Boost your search traffic | SEO Optimized

    Increase your SERP CTR and boost your search traffic with Google Rich-Snippets integration.

  • Hassle free setup | Hosted by us - no resource required

    We provide our ratings solution as a service.
    No Servers, No Storage - No IT involved!

  • Make it shine | Fully Customizable

    Customize your ratings' look and feel to match your unique website's personallity.

  • Keep your mobile users in front | Mobile Optimized

    Don't leave your mobile users in the dark. We made the mobile user-experience highly intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Select your favorite language | Multilingual

    The Rating-Widget is multilingual and currently translated into 40 languages.

Trusted by more than 130,000 Blogs, online Shops & Websites!

Questions And Answers

  • What is Rating-Widget?

    Rating-Widget is the Self-Hosted Star Rating System for your Blog or Website. i.e. a voting control which enable rating elements of content in your site by its readers.

  • How is Rating-Widget's Star Rating System different?

    The Rating-Widget star rating system can be added to any website (e.g. WordPress, Blogger, WiX), it is fully customizable, cross-browser & multilingual system. Our rating system has the largest collection of rating styles, both thumbs & stars. The implementation is easy as copy-paste, and the best part - we host the ratings for FREE.

  • Why should I add a Rating System for my website?

    It's a super-effective way of getting instant feedback from your readers, on the quality of your site content. Whether it's a blog post, web page, image or what ever piece/element of your website that you want rated. Plus our thumb & star ratings are beautiful and absolutly free!