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We are currently working on our new Terms of Service, stay tuned.

  • Rating-Widget's JavaScript & CSS files are stored on Rating-Widget's servers and asynchronously loaded after the Html document.

  • Data transferred between the ratings host and Rating-Widget's servers, is transferred via Http. SSL secure conectivity protocol is provided as part of our premium package.

  • Rating-Widget makes no warranty of reliability or suitability for any purpose.

  • You are NOT allowed to change, modify or override Rating-Widget's ratings appearance besides our official settings customization. Particularly hiding the (i) report button is prohibited.

  • You agree that we may publicly disclose that we are providing Services to you and may use your name and logo to identify you as our customer in promotional materials, including press releases (provided that Rating-Widget will allow you to review any press release(s) prior to issuance) and case studies, white papers, event materials, presentations, website content and earnings calls, in all media, now known or which shall become known in the future.

  • You agree to not use Rating-Widget directly or indirectly for any unlawful purpose.

  • You understand that Rating-Widget has no control over material rated by the widget.

  • You agree to hold Rating-Widget harmless from any damages caused by loss of user rates, damage to your computer, direct or indirect use of this system, or anything else you can think of.