Facebook 5 Star Rating for your Page

Facebook Page 5 Star Rating Widget

As THE authority of ratings on the internet, we at RatingWidget are asked quite often about adding RatingWidget to Facebook’s Page or Timeline. Users think Facebook is using our 5 star ratings system which is a very common and flattering mistake. We have now decided to clarify who can have use rating widget on his or her Facebook, explain the installation process, and discuss the pros and cons of having a five star rating on your Facebook Fan Page. Continue reading

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TimThumb, Nginx and Cache – Cookbook for Minimal Resource Consumption

RatingWidget TimThumb + Nginx Caching Optimization

TimThumb is one the most popular PHP scripts for simple image manipulations (cropping, zooming & resizing). Mainly used on WordPress for cached thumbnails generation. Yet, TimThumb’s caching mechanism is far from being perfect and requires execution of the timthumb PHP script for every image request. In this practical post we will show you how we’ve increased our server’s daily requests limit by 26%. We will guide you through step-by-step how to modify TimThumb and setup Nginx’s routing to serve TimThumb images with minimal resources. Continue reading

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bbPress & BuddyPress Intelligent Star Rating Plugin

Rating Widget integrates with BuddyPress & bbPress

Getting the right rating system for your online community can make the difference between an average user experience and a great one! If you are looking for the right BuddyPress Rating Plugin or bbPress Rating Plugin, you’ve come to the right place. Here, I’ll show you exactly how our new and improved Rating-Widget WordPress Plugin works and why it blows the competition out of the water.

Continue reading

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Android & iPhone Star Rating Support – Optimized Mobile UX for Rating-Widget

Rating-Widget Mobile UX Optimization

Mobile traffic is constantly growing, some even boldly say that in 2014 mobile “should” overtake desktop internet usage (see Mobile Marketing Statistics 2013). The last statement is quite extreme, but it is very hard to ignore the numbers. Over the past two years we’ve seen a tremendous increase of 266% in our mobile traffic based on more than a billion pageviews. By the end of August, 16% of our overall ratings’ impressions are coming from a mobile devices. Continue reading