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Customize Ratings

Copy and paste the code below into your page immediately before the </body> tag.

<script type="text/javascript">(function(d, t, e, m){
    // Async Rating-Widget initialization.
    window.RW_Async_Init = function(){
            huid: "your-unique-site-id",
            uid: "your-site-public-key",
            options: { "style": "oxygen" } 
        // Append Rating-Widget JavaScript library.
    var rw, s = d.getElementsByTagName(e)[0], id = "rw-js",
        l = d.location, ck = "Y" + t.getFullYear() + 
        "M" + t.getMonth() + "D" + t.getDate(), p = l.protocol,
        f = (("DBG=") > -1) ? "" : ".min"),
        a = ("https:" == p ? "secure." + m + "js/" : "js." + m);
    if (d.getElementById(id)) return;              
    rw = d.createElement(e); = id; rw.async = true; rw.type = "text/javascript";
    rw.src = p + "//" + a + "external" + f + ".js?ck=" + ck;
    s.parentNode.insertBefore(rw, s);
    }(document, new Date(), "script", ""));</script>

Now, simply copy and paste the code below in the exact place you want the rating widget to appear.

<div class="rw-ui-container"></div>


Need more than one rating per page?

Simply assign a unique string as the rating title for every rating on your site. For example you can use the following code for the first rating:

<div class="rw-ui-container" data-title="my awesome rating"></div>

for the second rating use:

<div class="rw-ui-container" data-title="another great rating"></div>

And so on.

Note: If you assign the same ID to different items, the same rating would be rendered.

If you use server-side scriptiong (e.g. PHP, Ruby, ASP.NET), and your rated items have a unique ID, simply use:

  • <div class="rw-ui-container" data-urid="<?php echo $unique_id ?>"></div>
  • <div class="rw-ui-container" data-urid="<%= item.UniqueID %>"></div>
  • <div class="rw-ui-container" data-urid="<%= item.uniqueID %>"></div>