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Rating-Widget for Shopify Launch

There’s great news today for Shopify sellers and we, at Rating-Widget, are happy to bring it to you!

We are thrilled to announce our new platform-integration, Rating-Widget for Shopify. We’ve been working our hearts out on the Shopify app for the last month just for you and your customers. We want to provide a great user-experience and a quick and easy setup process for Shopify sellers. Using the new Rating-Widget will help you convert your Shopify visitors into satisfied customers. That’s the one key to successful online selling… conversion.

Shopify is our first e-commerce integration. Until now, we mainly focused on blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger. But after getting so many requests from our awesome users, asking for custom solutions for various online shopping carts, we realized that Rating-Widget’s ratings naturally fit e-commerce products’ pages, even more than for blog posts.

Why Shopify?

We strongly believe in great user-experience, ease of use and outstanding customer service. Shopify has impressed us by hitting home runs in all these areas. Therefore, Shopify was our clear cut choice. From a technical point of view, Shopify is a fully hosted solution like we are, and it has a growing app market and wonderful API documentation.

How does Rating-Widget add value to your Shopify experience?

The bottom line – Rating-Widget will increase your Shopify’s store sales! How? The ratings will gain shoppers trust. Our advanced ratings analytics will help you better understand your customers. And the ratings Rich-Snippets integration will increase search engine results click-through rates. Click here to read about rich snippets. You’ll love this feature!

The bottom line – Rating-Widget will increase your #Shopify’s store sales! 

How much will it cost?

Like all our other platform solutions, the basic version is free. Though, subscribing to the premium packages is highly recommended and will arm your shop with advanced analytics and Rich-Snippets implementation. For some Shopify sites, an additional sale or two a month will more than pay for the premium upgrade!

Using Shopify? Try it now for free!

You’ll be able to add our beautiful star ratings in couple of minutes without paying a dime. Just go to the app’s page on Shopify and click the ‘Install App’ button. Or install it directly from our app’s homepage.

We are looking for Beta Customers

Our experience shows that listening to customers is the #1 key to our success. Yes, we listen, but better yet, we respond and we improve our apps. Thus, we need your valuable feedback more than ever. By joining the Shopify customers’ beta program, you’ll benefit from personal help, support and special customization for your shop, in exchange for simple feedback from you. 😉

If you are awesome Shopify store owner and like to join the program please email me directly at [email protected] or [email protected] and we’ll get back to you right away.

Happy Selling from Rating-Widget!

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