WooCommerce Product Ratings have never been more Awesome!

You asked it – we deliver! I’m excited to announce that RatingWidget for WordPress plugin is now fully integrated with WooCommerce product ratings.
If you have been using WordPress and thinking about opening an eCommerce website, you should definitely check it out. WooCommerce is the most popular open source eCommerce plugin for WordPress, and one of the rising eCommerce solutions on the web (powers 17% of the eCommerce sites online).

By installing RatingWidget for WordPress you’ll be able to fully customize your store’s product ratings to make them look stunning on you shop. Also, leverage our Top-Rated sidebar widget to automatically show your highest rated products (will increase your sales!).

Moreover, our premium plans will help you:

  • Increase search traffic CTR with Google Rich-Snippets integration
  • Spot trending products by analyzing your ratings in our management dashboard and Real-time rating analytics
  • Identify and prevent fraud voting by levering our full moderation solution

If you feel tired with WooCommerce boring product star ratings, it’s time to get upgraded 😉

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  1. TB

    How can I edit the WooCommerce stars rating – this plugin has added stars to the product but not edited the existing in the review box – so now have two lots of ratings…

    1. Frank Scrub

      Looks like you cannot? I found the same thing. No response to your question I presume because there is no answer. Either have 2 ratings or just the one. Seems berserk to me.

  2. K

    hi, i really need this plugin to work with wp-ecommerce… I am willing to spend to make it so. Please advice