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How to enable RatingWidget Gadget for Blogger’s Mobile Template?

  • Inside blogger window, under “Live on Blog”, choose Template and click Edit HTML.
  • Click inside the text area and search for RatingWidget widget you’ve just added by pressing CTRL–F (Or Commad-F on OSX) and typing RatingWidget. You should see something similar to the following line:
    <b:widget id='HTML1' locked='false' title='RatingWidget' type='HTML'>

    Your element’s id attribute might be a little different (e.g. id=’HTML2′).

  • Add mobile=’yes’ to enable RatingWidget on your mobile template. The new line should look like this:
    <b:widget id='HTML1' mobile='yes' locked='false' title='RatingWidget' type='HTML'>
  • Click Save Template and the ratings should now work on your mobile view.

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