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How to show the ratings in Shopify Product Collection pages?

By default, RatingWidget for Shopify app will show the ratings only on Product Pages. With some minor tweaks in you theme’s template, you can easily add the ratings to your Product Collections.

  • Open Shopify’s admin dashboard and go to Themes. There, click Edit HTML/CSS to open the template editor:
    Shopify Template Editor Button
  • In your editor, expand the Snippets directory and select rw-js.liquid.
    Now, simply change the first line of code:

    {% if template contains 'product' %}

    to this code:

    {% if template contains 'product' or template contains 'collection' %}

    This will load the ratings on product and products collection pages.

  • Now, to embed RatingWidget to your Collection pages, find the liquid file that is responsible for the collection template (the template file may have different names depending on the theme you are using, but usually it’s named collection.liquid). There, add the following ratings snippet exactly where you want the ratings to appear:
     {% include 'rw-rating' %} 

Wasn’t that simple?! If you have no clue about coding or liquid files modification, feel free to contact us. Our Shopify experts would be happy to do it for you for a symbolic setup fee.

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