Can I get rid of the (i) report button?

Can I get rid of the (i) report button?

Every week I’m getting at least 5 emails from bloggers asking me - “Can I get rid of the (i) report button?”. So I want to clear it once and for all – Sorry, you can’t! The Rating-Widget is unprofitable project and I spent enormous amount of time developing it for the bloggers community with the incentive of making bloggers’ life easier by providing them the #1 FREE & self-hosted Rating-Widget. Unfortunately, the maintenance and the support of this project costs money (we’ve just recently migrated to AWS) and someone need to pay the bills. The report button is one way to gain traffic back to the site to engage users see some ads.

If that is bother you, you can upgrade to the Pro version and get rid of the report button (another way to pay the bills). Just contact me via [email protected].

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Can I get rid of the (i) report button?

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  1. ravendev

    Hi, I really like your plugin an I think it’s fair to support it by back Traffic an lil ad in Widged. Nobody should bother about that. But I would really love to be able to have the “Advanced Ratings’ Analytics” for lower price instead of Ad-Free. Analytics are important to see how many votes some articles have and which have 5* and many “thumps-up”. But 4$ more for just one feature I want is to much. Why not a “Basic Ratings’ Analytics”-Version for 3$ with Ad & (i)-Icon?
    Would love to buy and support you this way!